jueves, 30 de noviembre de 2017


Christmas is coming and there is loneliness
I already asked the Baby Jesus for a real love
But in my little faith I'm not sure if it will come
It will be that I am no longer in age.

A year ago, when I was arranging my little tree
My hands flew like a hummingbird in love
Musical notes came out of my throat
That impregnated the walls of the place.

At that time, it did not occur to me to ask God for a gift
I felt blessed and complete
It was enough what I had in my hands
It was mine that danced in my mind.

Maybe I should have asked for a love for me
Of those that fill you to satiety
Of which you are not afraid of illusion
But I was not ready for that gift
It came without warning
However I experienced it and I felt it in all its splendor
They were drops of happiness that ignited my soul
But what was in my hands was only salt
That dissolves in the water
That way it was extinguished.

But December is approaching
And my singing soul requests a love.
A love of those who walk the paths of life
With the freedom of the dreamer and squeeze the hand not to wake up

Today I make a request of love
Let's say it's a letter for the Child God
Waiting for the Angels and the Archangels
 Understand that ...
 I want a love for Christmas!
And send it to the Lord with haste!

Carmen Pacheco
@ Eroticism10
November 29, 2017