jueves, 3 de agosto de 2017


She frail and scared
He bold and fearful
Both give themselves to the sweet dream of love
She is naive and modest
He avid and determined.

The game has started, let the contestants come out
Two beings from miles away are yearning
And unknowingly they start the most exciting dance ever performed
Their arms are intertwined, their tongues are stabbed
Your saliva emerges as a healing spring
That lubricates their throats quiet for love.

In the distance a cat moans a sensual melody
His purring makes his partner come out to meet him
He takes her, with his sharp teeth, by the nape
She gasps with pleasure.

Their hands fly like bats at night
Only the radar of their desires allows them to feel their sexes
He stands on his back
She arches under her hips.

There is a distance separating them
There is a lot of desire to feel the skin
In the distance a clock gives its twelve strokes
It reminds them that time has passed.

She frail and scared
He bold and fearful
Both with a single desire in the soul
But with the saddest certainty of what can not be.

Carmen Pacheco
3 de agosto del 2017