sábado, 13 de enero de 2018


How about if today I look at you
How about if today I kiss you
What do you think if we meet?
What do you think if we hug?

Today I long for you
I miss you today
Today I breathe you
Today I die for a kiss.

Tomorrow will be another day
We will pretend we do not know each other
We'll find a thousand excuses not to call us
We will return to mute this that we feel.

But today, today I want to make love to you
Today I want to have you between my sheets
Tangled between my legs
Feeling your breathing agitated.

Today I want to navigate your tongue
Lift up my spirit to the highest
To feel you inside me
To go crazy me because I feel you.

Today I want to make you mine man...

Carmen Pacheco
@ Eroticism10
January 13, 2018