domingo, 10 de septiembre de 2017

What will be...

I will be with this melancholy forever?
Will this stubborn heart not give way to mourning?
It will be that spring of love and desires, which springs up inside me does not have a up to this point
Why in my silence you sound like a bell.

Will be that my body will not cease to perceive you
It will be that despite my daily tasks
You find time to wallow you in my mind
Will you be something I did not finish in my previous life?

There are many "Will be that" for my taste
I go back to bed and continue to roll all over her
A kiss goes through
Through the pillow.

Another sigh finds me in a corner
I have been doing this for several nights
The most funny of the case is that I do not remember you
I do not bother to remind you
You just appear through my padlocks.
For me, you were impregnated on the walls
You're like the ghost of an old house
You appear from nothing and with your creaking of bones
You make mi body shudder

A few days I jump for joy
I think I exorcised you.
I do not feel you and I smile again
But other days... Other days you remain as an anchor to the sand
There is no storm to get you out of my depth.

Are you one of those loves that take time to leave?
Is it that at this moment, you do not even remember my name and I am thinking a useless feeling?

I search for what does not exist
I hope what will never come
Oh! Sad desolation, how can I make you shut up?
I cannot forget you that are the sad reality

And it's not because of your body or sex
I think that when I solve this puzzle
I can completely get rid of this feeling
You did not leave, you're still in here.

Carmen Pacheco
Septiembre 10, 2017